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Graduation Gift Ideas

May 13, 2010

Graduation is fast approaching and many grandmothers are feeling the pressure of finding that perfect gift. It doesn’t matter if it is a kindergarten gradation or graduation from college, it is important that your gift is special, but is not in competition with the other grandparents or the parents. It is also important that you don’t play favorites. If you give your granddaughter that you are close to a trip to Europe and the grandson that you think is a bum a gift card to McDonald’s, you are looking for family conflict.

I like to come up with a plan and stick to it. Think of a great gift for kindergarten graduation and stick with it. There is no reason to re-think this.

This graduation puppy is a classic kindergarten graduation gift. Just make sure you give it in time for them to get it signed by their classmates. We found a great website that will do a child’s book with their name in it. What a great way to encourage your grandchild to read over the summer. Here are just a few that can be found here:

My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Storybook

My Very Own Name Personalized Storybook


High school can be hard. If you have been one of those grandma’s that have kept every newspaper clipping and picture, maybe this would be a great time for you to make that special grandchild a scrapbook. Be sure to include special times, songs and jokes that you two share. This will be a great thing for them to take with them as they head out in the world.

Some people like to give monogrammed stationary or other items for these times. We have posted some of our favorite sites below.





Do you have any great graduation gift ideas to share?

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