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Our Little Secret

May 14, 2010

Janet and I have been through thick and thin through the years, or should I say , we have been thick and thin.  Our weight loss journey started during our baby days. We did Richard Simmons to the Atkins diet together. Nothing seemed to work. Then one day a few years ago we decided to join a gym.

I don’t remember feeling so out of place since I was in junior high. Two fat woman walking into the land of spandex.

Janet’s blood pressure was sky high and I didn’t want my friend to die, so if I couldn’t do this for me I was going to do it for her. How would I ever make this work?

I figured it out….don’t tell anyone. If I was going to feel like I was in middle school, I was going to think like I was in middle school. Things are always so much more fun if you feel like you are doing  something you aren’t supposed to do.

So for one month we didn’t tell a soul. Cell phones were left in the car, children wondered why they couldn’t  get a hold of us at a seconds notice.  I found I had a smile on my face just knowing that I was doing something that no one would ever believe.

By the time a month went by, we had gotten hooked. We had made it to the gym five days a week, every week, so it was time to let the world know.  Everyone was so surprised, but happy for us.

This was the beginning of a new phase in our life….

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