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What’s The Rush?

May 16, 2010



Why is it that when women get a certain age they can’t stop thinking about grandchildren? Is it because as we get older there seems to be two things that women talk about? Their grandkids and their last visit to the doctor’s office. Now face it, as much as we say we get tired of hearing about someones grandchildren it is a heck of a lot better than hearing about their colonoscopy.

Or is it that we want our kids to want kids because if they don’t, we think it is because we didn’t make parenting look like fun? What ever it is, we all vow we won’t do it and yet we do.

The biggest hint I got as a young bride is when my mother in law gave me a Humpty Dumpty three months after I got married for my birthday.

Have you ever hinted to your children that you want a grandchild (or more grandchildren)? If so, what is the biggest hint you’ve ever given?

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