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The Baby Shower

May 22, 2010

When you become the age of a grandmother, you start being asked to a lot of baby showers. Your friends have their kids fly in from all over the world to come back “home” to have their friends shower them with gifts.

This is a wonderful time for old friends to catch up. Unless of course you happen to be the only one their without pictures of a grandchild. I won’t go there. The problem with these parties are how to give a nice gift that won’t cost a fortune to send across the country.

This is when you must be creative.  Trust me – everyone will thank you for it.

Give a bottle with a gift card for a bottle warmer in it…. and always include a picture so the other guests can see what they will be getting!

Give a sleeper with a gift card for their crib bedding.

How about a baby bonnet with a gift card for a stroller?

Give her a gift card for an online birth annoucement site. I personally love Inviting Smiles. How cute is this? 


If the couple is adopting I love Tiny Prints


Maybe everyone at the shower wants to go together a get one gift, like a carseat. Buy the seat so everyone can see it then return it and give the mom the gift card to take home with her. Make sure she has one of these stores near her because if she has to oder it online then once again she has a shipping expense.

Do you have any creative baby shower gift ideas?

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  1. Mollie permalink
    May 22, 2010 6:17 pm

    Best announcements/birthday cards/holiday cards EVER!!! 🙂

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