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Memorial Day

May 30, 2010

“Memorial” means to preserve the memory of someone or an event.

When I was a kid, we would go to the cemetary and put flowers on people’s graves that I had never met. During this time, my parents would share stories about these people. It was a way of keeping the memory of these people alive.

When my kids were little, we would go every Memorial Day and watch their grandfather march in the parade.

During one of these parades, my father introduced my daughters to a World War 1 veteran. Think of the years that were shared there. That man’s history went back to the turn of the century. Maybe someday my daughters will shake the hand of some small child that will reach into the next century.

So on Memorial Day think about how important it is to share history with the younger generations. I need to tell my dad’s story about joining the Navy on his 17th birthday. How my mom was here crying herself to sleep as she went months without hearing from him.

How mom would rip up rags to send to the soldiers to be used as bandages. We didn’t just send our soldiers to war, we as a country would sacrifice gas, so the soldiers could have it, silk nylons so the soldiers could have parachutes. These people’s stories need to be remembered so we can become better people.

This Memorial Day enjoy your picnics but don’t forget what we are supposed to be remembering…


“The Price of Freedom is Never Free”

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