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Thats Tomorrow?

June 1, 2010

Being a Modern Grandma means a very busy life sometimes. Because of this, we don’t always remember to do all the things we mean to do. Birthdays and things seem to sneak up on me so I thought you might like some ideas for what to do if this happens to you.

1. Go to Here you can find a gift card for just about anywhere. Within the hour your stress will be over.

2. If it’s a local friend, whip up a meal and take it to them. Everyone likes to not have to cook once in a while. And you probably already have what you need.

3. If it is a child, get permission to “steal” them for an afternoon. Take them out for one on one time…get ice cream or walk the mall, whatever it is that would make that child feel special.

4. Every child loves surprises and most grown ups do too. If their special day it tomorrow, sneak over to their house put a birthday sign in their yard…or graduation balloons…just make their eyes light up in the morning when they wake up.

Making someone feel special doesn’t always cost a lot of money, just thought…even if it’s a last-minute thought.

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