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Sprout…pregnancy essentials?

June 5, 2010

I am one of those “dark-ages” people that still doesn’t know how to save a message on my cell phone, so this stuff just amazes me. First of all if you don’t know what an “app” is, it stands for “application”. You buy “apps” to put on your smart phone. Right now my friends and family are cracking up with the idea that I am trying to explain this to anyone, but you just got all I know; well all I think I know.

I found an ad for this app called “Sprout” and I thought I should share it with you all. This phone app will give you week by week fetal images of what the baby is suppose to look like. When I was pregnant, I had a book that told me what was developing each week and I would pray for that during the week, so I could see me using this part of the device . Provided that is if someone showed me how. 

This thing will also give you week by week advice. This one kind of made me laugh. Do you think my kids would pay for my advice every week if I put it on a cool phone app? Hmmm the “mom” app..wonder if they have that yet?

It has a weight tracker….I think I would skip that one…it was always tough enough to go once a month to the doctor to talk about my weight. I don’t think I want my phone reminding me.

 Now the kick counter kind of cracked me up. Why? My kids kicked all the time. If I was to have to count this I would be doing nothing else all day and night. Do the doctors really want this information now? Or do you just write it in their baby book?

Then comes the contraction timer. This one made me laugh because when I went into labor with my first child, my husband, the accountant, came to the hospital with his clipboard and timer in hand. He not only kept track of each one but the strength of it. Finally the nurse told him to put it all away and start paying attention to me.

I am sure all this is great stuff but it does make you wonder how babies were born on the Mayflower.Sprout - Pregnancy Essentials for the iPhone

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