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Workout Fashion

June 15, 2010

When Janet and I started going to the gym, we had no idea what to wear. We hadn’t really worked out in years and even then it was usually just in front of each other.

Neither one of us had a sports bra and our only tennis shoes were ones that had never really had any stress put on them. Janet got dressed in her bright pink sweatsuit and tied the waistband tightly around her middle. She had some strange idea that this made her look skinnier. I on the other had grabbed one of my husband’s large t-shirts and a pair of shorts…my pants were too tight.

We have slowly started buying black workout items for the gym. Not only does black make you look skinnier but it also makes you not stand out so much. We still don’t find that we buy cute little gym outfits for two reasons: 1) We still aren’t little and 2) At least in our gym, only people in the dance classes wear that stuff. If you want to have the guys at the free weights take you seriously, then stay away from the bright colors.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend then put it towards good shoes and a sports bra. You do not want to be bouncing all over the place. First of all it looks nasty and second, trust me…they fall on their own – you don’t have to shake them loose.

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