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June 17, 2010

I’m starting to think dating should be outlawed. I don’t like when my kids are doing it and I don’t think I would like my parents doing it. Arranged marriages are such a great idea…can you tell I’m a bit of a control freak?

When my grandfather was 80, he remarried. My grandmother had been dead for a little over a year so we were all pretty  shocked to say the least. Not to mention at 80 it wasn’t something that had ever entered our minds. I remember telling my dad that maybe it was good for my grandfather not to be alone but I knew he wasn’t buying it.

Now, many years later, Janet’s dad is dating at 93. I must say I understand what my dad went through a bit more now. If Janet sees them kiss she reacts much in the same way that my tween does when she sees her dad and I kiss.

No child likes to think about their parents in a sexual way. Parents are parents…not hotties in someone’s mind. So if you are a dating parent, how can you make it easier on the child, no matter what their age?

Keep the PDA (Public Displays of Affection) to a minimum. Remember you didn’t want to see your teenager sucking face with someone so they probably don’t want to see you.

Spend time with the family without the “special someone” Again, you liked having your kids around without always having to deal with someone extra. Give them the same courtesy.

Holidays are family times; don’t assume that your family wants someone else there.

And lastly…proceed slowly…and ask your families opinion…that is what you wanted from them.

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  1. June 18, 2010 3:28 pm

    As someone who marriage was arranged… i would beg to differ…arranged marriages make no sense.. dont get me wrong..I got a good marriage going and love my husband…but the process of getting here is totally unnecessary trouble…

    but i suppose its a whole other point when watching your parents… like you say..they are our parents..they never have sex right? (hee hee) i guess it would be awkward but i suppose we need to think of their long as this special someone doesnt cunningly try exclude you guys from your parent’s life … then it shd b alright… our parents have done soo much just to make sure we are happy and got the best of that we are settled..perhaps they should be allowed to live their lives…

    And yes! asking for our opinion WONt hurt….

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