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Backpacking Thru Parenthood

June 19, 2010

If you invent it, new parents will buy it. We all did it so we can’t laugh too hard at our children, but isn’t it amazing the things that people think that they have to have to take care of one little baby? When my first child was born I think her diaper bag was bigger than me. Everywhere we went, we brought enough supplies to take care of any emergency that might arise. By the time the fourth kid came, a diaper stuffed in my purse was about it. Not only had I learned to get by with very little, I didn’t have anymore hands to carry it. I had three other kids to keep track off.

Now I admit I had one of those portable cribs that you can take everywhere. And I really liked it, but I have also made a bed in a hotel bathtub for a child. I remember my first daughter wouldn’t drink a bottle that wasn’t just the right tempature so we went to Sears one day when we were at the mall and asked a salesman to show us a microwave…and by the way could he use this bottle to show us how it worked?

Maybe we should approach parenting like backpacking. How little can we get by on and still get the job done? In fact maybe if we approached everything in life that way, think of the money we could save!

By the way, this is not what I was thinking.

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