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Computer Lessons

June 19, 2010

I know very little about computers. I know what you are thinking…but you have a blog with pictures, you vlog, you Facebook, you even Tweet! Well, let’s just say we have a great support team. The problem is this thing is growing and my team would like to get back to their lives.

So the summer computer lessons have begun and I thought you might like to learn somethings along with me.

Don’t take it personally if your computer yells FATAL ERROR at you. It does that to everyone.

The printer is not ignoring you like your kids…you don’t have to keep telling it to print. It is more like our husbands; it hears but takes awhile to get started.

The button that says CTRL on it does not mean central, it mean control. It is an important key to know. It gives you control….it would be nice to have one of those buttons in my life…anyone know where I can get one?

So here is the secret computer language that you can impress your kids with.

Quick Keys

  • Push control and Z at the same time and the computer will undo anything you just did….boy would that be nice in real life
  • Control and S will save what is on the screen
  • Control and P will print it
  • Control and C will copy it….like if you want to copy and paste

And just as you think you have the system figured out they say

  • Control and V means paste….

I have a feeling my control and Z buttons are going to be getting a lot of use

Are you trying to overcome one of your fears? 


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