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June 21, 2010

I went to buy a new TV last night and it made me wonder what has happened to the English language. No one talks in words anymore.  HD…3D…LP…these are things I kept hearing and I keep thinking “I just want to watch HGTV!!!”

Churches do this too. Do you want to go to VBS at VBC?

It’s as if we are only allowed so many letters and we don’t want to use them all up. I understand short cut talk when you are texting because I find texting hard…I can’t hardly see those little letters. But even then you have to be careful. When my father passed away I got a text saying, “Sorry about your dad…LOL.” My husband called her and informed her that “lol” meant “laugh out loud” not “lots of love”.

I said something to my daughter the other day about her BF, thinking it meant Best Friend. I guess it means Boyfriend and I weirded her out.

Then there are all the things that don’t even have words on them. Somehow I am just supposed to know that symbol means pause or play. How? My school taught me words.

My sister teaches English to people new to this country. Is there anyone out there that gives classes to people who are just old and don’t have a clue?

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