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A Beary Happy Time

June 23, 2010

This is a picture of Janet and I with our two bears a few years ago. I first came across “Henry” (my bear) in a store one night as I was getting ready to pick up my teenage daughter. There was something about him that spoke to me. I am not a stuffed animal person (at all) but he was up on a tall shelf looking down at me saying, “Hi….can I go home with you?”

Well it took me all of 3 minutes to decide I had to have him so I bought him and buckled him into the car and went to get my daughter. When she walked up and saw Henry she burst out laughing and I knew right then why Henry had come to live at our house. The next few months were full of laughter as Henry would be found in different places around the house. There was the day that I walked out to see Henry paddling the kayak in the pool…with his hat and sunglasses on of course. Or the time my husband walked in the bathroom to find Henry sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper.

Janet’s family was going through a bad time so she asked if it would be ok if she too bought a bear. Soon her house too had begun to laugh once again.

Sometimes it’s funny how something so simple can bring us a smile….what made you smile today?

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