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Thank God for Girlfriends

June 25, 2010

This picture is of Janet and me playing Twister at a party in 1974 . We weren’t good friends back then. She was friends with my boyfriend’s sister and she dated my brother’s best friend. We had no idea then just how much of life we would end up sharing.

While other people were off pursuing careers, Janet and I were home having babies. Janet was a natural at being a mom, and I was far from it. We bonded as she walked me through motherhood during those early years. She had three boys and I had two girls. Then I had my third daughter around the same time she finally had a girl. Now the tables were turned as she now was teaching someone how to crawl in a dress and later how to shave her legs.

I’ve always said that there is nothing like a friend that you went through potty training with. Once your kid has peed on her coach, it is hard to put on airs. Janet knows me and I know her. She was there for me when my babies were driving me crazy and I was there for her when her teens were driving her crazy. We have always been able to be honest with each other because we know that no matter what we say about our kids or husbands, we don’t mean it. We love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but sometimes you just need to vent.

So even though I assume Janet and my Twister days are over (we haven’t tried in a while), we are on to new adventures as we try a new balancing act called motherhood…grandmotherhood…while still being a daughter and sister and wife and…

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