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Honor Your Mother and Father

June 27, 2010

We talked about remembering to honor your Grandmother at your wedding and it got me thinking about all the ways to honor people at a wedding.

I knew a guy who wanted to honor his deceased mother at his wedding, but the bride didn’t think a wedding was the time to bring up dead people. Seems like there could have been a compromise some how.

 I know people who put up pictures of parents and grandparents at the reception. Sometimes people will use a song at their wedding that their parents used at their wedding.

I didn’t want to wear a corsage at my daughters wedding…I never feel right in them. So when she came down the aisle with her father, she removed a daisy from her bouquet and handed it to me and gave me a kiss.

She had also honored me by wearing my veil to the rehearsal. It was very special to me.

She honored her father by calling him over as she was getting ready to leave the reception in the limo. She thanked him and gave him a kiss…there was nothing about that day that meant more to him.

The point of all this is it doesn’t take much but it means the world the person that the honor is given.

Let us know something you did to honor someone on your special day.

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