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Yummy Lunches

June 29, 2010

When I was growing up, my lunch had the same things every day. One peanut butter sandwich (no jelly – that added to the cost) and a package of Hostess cupcakes or twinkies and a thermos of milk. It worked for me. I knew no different and I don’t remember being jealous of any else’s lunch. I think all the moms did pretty much the same thing.

I can’t say I have been very creative with my kids’ lunches through the years. I would mix it up some but then it never failed that I would end up giving the wrong kid the wrong thing. “Mom, you know I hate…” would be my greeting at the end of the school day.  My kids would all eventually be put in charge of making their own lunches – which I have to admit, the quality would go down at this point.

When I found these lunches, it almost made me want to take over this job again.

Spinach salad with feta cheese, almonds, grape tomatoes.  Strawberries, turkey and cheese rolled in a whole wheat flour tortilla. Thanks to Amanda of lunchbox limbo for this one!

Sandwich (peppered turkey, havarti cheese, lettuce and mustard on whole grain bread), baby carrots and green grapes and SunChips. Photo credit: Another Lunch

Turkey and cheese roll ups on a multigrain tortilla, pretzel rods, chedder bunnies, strawberries and raisins. Thanks to Amanda of lunchbox limbo for this one!


The colors are so beautiful it makes me want to dive in. Anyone want to volunteer to make these lunches for me?

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