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Tag! You’re It!

June 30, 2010

I have great memories of playing tag as a kid. I think we had as many kinds of tag as there were nights in the week….Cigaratte Tag…yes my mother let me play this even though she would have died if any of us got near a cigarette. There was TV Tag…Fox and the Hound…Regular Tag….Red Light Green Light, which I know isn’t really tag, but it falls in that category in my mind.

I saw this game of tag and thought it was a great idea. You take your stockings (yes, I do believe they still sell these) and put them on your heads. Each one runs around trying to grab each other’s stocking and pull it off.


Maybe I like this because I had a big brother who always claimed I hadn’t tagged him….here I would have proof.

Did you play tag as a kid? What was your favorite type of “tag”?

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