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Pantry Lust

July 3, 2010

I have wanted a walk-in pantry for years.  I have raised four kids in a house that had a two foot pantry that is only 10 inches deep. One of the hardest parts of grocery shopping has always been trying to figure out where to put everything when we got home for the store. Having no space has taught me to be creative. A large beautiful ceramic bowl sits on top of the fridge with bags of snack food. A second refrigerator was put in the garage to store not only that extra gallon of milk, but you can often find things in it that I couldn’t find another place for – baggies, pasta, cookies…you name it and it’s probably out there.

My dream has been to have a pantry that looks much like the one picture here from 

I’m sitting here staring at this picture and just dreaming how wonderful grocery day could be…but since I am short I might need to add a library ladder so I can reach the top shelves.

I saw a room like this once that someone just used for dishes. That was a wonderful thing too. Imagine not having to stack your good bowls and things hoping they won’t break….hmm. Maybe the new house needs a pantry and a china room? Bet my husband isn’t going to quite understand.

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