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July 7, 2010


I am thinking about suing the makers of the movie Bolt. After years of battling my weight, I had finally gotten a handle on it. I was going to the gym five days a week and putting hours on the treadmill. Then I saw the movie Bolt.

It’s a cute movie and everyone around me laughed throughout it. But not me. I was fixated on the hamster in the the ball. This hampter ran all across the country and did he get thin? NO! Now I know what you are thinking….get a grip…it’s a cartoon.  This is tru,e but I have owned a hamster. All night, every night, that thing would run. Every day I would give it a little bit of food and off it would go running again. Did my hamster ever become shapely? NO, no matter what it did it had a big butt.

So why sue Bolt? This movie traumitized me… Stepping on the treadmill no longer seemed fun. Soon I gained weight…my health has suffered…my self esteem…how do you think I’m doing? Do you think my case is worth a good million or two?

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