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Parenting Your Own Parents

July 9, 2010

When we become a parent ,we usually get a chance to get used to the idea and plan before it happens. Granted, things never seem to be as easy as we think it’s going to be . What you are never really ready for (and it is so much harder than you ever imagine) is when you become a parent to your parents.

Taking the keys away from a parent can be really hard. These are the people who taught you how to drive. The ones who worried every night as they waited for you to get home safe. Now all of a sudden you find yourself calling to make sure they got home okay.

Most of us put off taking the keys away a lot longer than we should. If you live away from your parents, you can put it out of your mind for long stretches of time. I didn’t have the luxury of that. My parents lived just a few miles from me so I found myself worrying about the what ifs…what if dad hit one of my friends’ kid? How would I live with myself?

The problem was…how would they get along with out a car? What would this mean to my life? So off I would put it awhile longer.

Soon I started phone calls, “Hi hon…we don’t know where we are…will you come get us?” I would ask them to describe the things that they could see. Lucky for me we live in a small town and I could figure out this mind game without much problem.

By now Dad’s memory was going, and he didn’t feel comfortable driving. Mom’s memory wouldn’t allow her to remember that Dad shouldn’t be driving anymore, so she would daily encourage him to go take a ride. So when you have people like this, how do you take their license away and have them remember that they don’t have one anymore?

In came Mr. Amazing. In the cover of night he snuck over and installed a kill switch in the car. From then on when Dad would get in and try to start the car, it wouldn’t start. Dad would call Mr. Amazing because even Dad knew he was amazing. Mr. Amazing would rush over there secretly push the kill switch and start the car. He would then take Dad where ever he wanted to go. Soon Dad told him to get rid of the car because it never works  anyway…SUCCESS!

I love when parenting works out the way you hoped.

Have you ever had to parent your parents? When?

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  1. July 14, 2010 4:32 am

    Love your blog–as I read this from Mayo Clinic, accompanying my parents to various appointments. I just blogged about this too. Also enjoying your visuals–hilarious.

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