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The Apron

July 16, 2010

I have started buying old aprons when I’m out “junking”. I’m not sure why…I never wear them. But something about them give me a sense of comfort. They remind that even though women have not always worked outside the home, they have been working for generations.

When I was growing up, a woman would have many aprons. There was the apron that they would throw on to protect their clothes while they cooked. This apron was handy when they needed to dry their hands…no need to use a bunch of paper towels. It was also used to help protect their hands as they carried a hot dish.

I remember many tears being wiped away with an apron as I ran to my mother while she worked.

Back then, women didn’t just have a kitchen apron but they also had a cleaning apron. This apron usually had large pockets to hold things. I can remember my mother up on a ladder…in a dress of course…with an apron on, cleaning the windows. Just because she wore a dress doesn’t mean she wasn’t out there working the garden or cleaning. That apron would often be used to wipe her brow because a true woman was not supposed to sweat, just work.

I don’t remember my mother ever wearing a hostess apron, but I do have one that my husband’s grandmother use to have. She would wear it when she served cocktails to her friends.

The apron is pretty much a thing of the past, but every once in a while I give one as a gift just to remind women that they can do anything and look good doing it.

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