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Going to Church

July 18, 2010

I come from a long history of church-goers. My grandfather was a preacher and all his children and grandchildren attended his church every time the doors were open. These were special family times. Of course I grew up thinking the family was a lot bigger than it really was because we called everyone “Brother and Sister” so-and-so…

Being in church a lot means that kids slowly get more and more comfortable being there and soon they can find all kinds of trouble. There is a famous story of my dad and uncle causing a commotion  during church when they were kids. Grandpa stopped in the middle of his sermon to call one of them down front in hopes of separating them. What he didn’t know is that they had handcuffed themselves together and coudn’t find the key.

My brother and I weren’t as bad as that, but we did get sent to the back room in the church on occasion because we couldn’t keep quiet. The room had a big window and mom always said that grandpa would be watching us as he preached. Grandpa was a “hell fire and brimstone” preacher so the last thing you wanted to think was that all that yelling was being directed to you. So what did we do? We sat under the window of course so he couldn’t see us. We would then proceed to glue our hands together. I can’t smell Elmers glue without thinking of us gluing and then peeling large hunks of glue off our hands. It was just like something out of NCIS as we would look and the lines of our hands in the glue.

It wasn’t until I was older that my dad shared another story of what he used to do during church…much to my mom’s dimay I might add.

The and his brother would go through the hymn book and read the tittle of a song and then say, ‘without his pants on”. It would go some thing like this;

“On Christ the solid rock I stand….with out my pants on”

“When we all get to heaven…without our pants on”

“Onward Christian Soliders…without their pants on”

The moral to this story is just going to church doesn’t make you Christ-like….it’s got to be something more.

Did you and your siblings ever get in trouble at church?

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