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Basketball Camp

July 20, 2010

We dropped her off for basketball camp. She is the fourth girl so I don’t tend to worry about her.  She has been packing her own bags since she was three and never acted as if she ever needed any help from me. You could tell she wanted us to leave so she could get on with her week and all the fun she was planning on having with all the other girls from her basketball team. Part of me was sad that she didn’t run and throw her arms around me saying she was going to miss me, but this wasn’t my first rodeo so I knew I’d survive.

Days passed before we heard from her. Then came the texts, “I want to go home…I hate it here…all we do is play basketball…”

Fighting ever urge inside me I told her to hang in there…later that night came a text saying she was better…then nothing for the rest of the week.

Today we went to pick up our daughter. My heart leapt as she smiled when she saw us. I approached slowly and whispered, “Can I give you a little kiss?’ She leaned near me and let me kiss her…and all I could think was…camp is a good thing.

My daughter is the one in the bright green shirt. We later found out that she had a great time. Not only did she play basketball with her team all week but she also played with another one too. Guess that is why she was doing nothing but basketball! As I had expected, girls were circling her all talking to her at the same time. My daughter is a leader and even though I would love for her to want to do nothing but sit and hold my hand I know that she will be able to do great things with her life because she has learned that people other than her mother thinks she is one wonderful person.

So despite the kisses that are giving out as if I have about used up my quota…I’m one lucky mom.

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