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Near is not good enough

August 5, 2010

Someone was complaining today about their kids not putting things away and my mind began to spin back in time.

Four kids all living at home.

There were the clean clothes on the dresser…not in it….

The hair brush…on the counter …not in the drawer…

The dirty clothes laid in piles all around the hamper.

Dirty dishes made it to the kitchen but never into the dishwasher.

I gathered my children and told them what they had taught me by all these little statements…..that close is good enough.

I told them that we would not be going to Disney that year…just near

 because they all seemed to think that near was just as good.

Their little eyes widened as they tried to decide if I was serious.

We did go in Disney that year, but I will say that more of the items also started making it to where they belonged….not just near.

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  1. Shannon permalink
    August 5, 2010 11:16 pm

    I still remember that “talk”!!! hehee! (though it didnt completely cure me… as i look around my house…)

    Love ya!

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