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It’s time

August 9, 2010

Many people are getting ready to send their child off to college for the first time. It’s an exciting time. There are dorm stuff to buy, new clothes. They might even need  a few books and school supplies…I know a girl that forgot she might need paper at college and had to borrow some the first day.

We as parents are filled with emotions during this time. We are sad because our family will never be the same again and yet we find ourselves excited too. We want this to be our child’s best experience ever. We know that this time is when all that we have taught them…or didn’t …will be tested.

The problem is …by now we have broken it to our kids about the Easter bunny, Santa  and the tooth fairy..but a lot of us have let them hang on to one last imaginary figure…the laundry fairy….

It’s time to tell them or you will find your college student at your door with a bag of laundry not understanding why the laundry fairy couldn’t find his dorm room.

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