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Make new friends

August 18, 2010

Every year as my children would go off to school I would sing them a song that my mother use to sing to me.

“Make new friends…but keep the old…one is silver and the other gold”

Even though I have heard it and even sang this song for most of my life I don’t think I ever thought about  just how true that song is. Friends ARE  precious and we should treat them as such. Do I? Or do I make friends and then just store them away on some friend list? My mother has friends that come and visit her every week even though she can’t remember them. Am I that kind of friend? Or am I a friend in name only?

I have many precious friends that I have stored up through the years. It’s time to remind them of their worth.

As the school year is about to begin again…and I now have two children that work at schools…I will sing this again but this time I will take the words to heart myself.

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