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The First day of School

August 23, 2010

A lot of you are well over with the fist day of school blues….or maybe you are blue because everyone is talking about school starting and you just realized you don’t have anyone in school any longer.

I read this blog and really enjoyed it and thought you might too. It made me think back to those early school days…when I had all the answers…or at least my kids thought I did…happy memories..

On our way to school…singing and laughing…until someone screams….I FORGOT MY LUNCH…..

Turning around as every else is yelling that they are going to be late…

Finally getting to school and kissing your sweet children good bye and you discover that one of your children forgot to breath their teeth. Try with all your might not to say anything so your kid won’t feel bad all  day but take a mental note not to forget to mention it after school.

Off you head to your quiet home… thoughts of quite relaxation dance through your head. In the door you walk in to see your childs backpack on the floor…back to the school you head…you know you shouldn’t…how is she ever going to learn but you know if you don’t you won’t be able to do anything all day but think of the terrible day your child is having.

Once again you are home and you call a friend you haven’t seen all summer and make lunch plans. As you hang up the phone it rings. It is the school. Can you come pick up your child…she is sick.

That night you find yourself  fighting to get kids to bed on time only to remember you forgot to help them with that project that you promised you would get to later. …do you wake her up or just do it yourself?

 Maybe it is like the old song Memories….what’s to painful to remember …we simply choose to forget…so it’s the laughter..we will remember…

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