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One Amazing Lady

August 30, 2010

I laid in bed wondering why my husband had forgotten to turn the fan on. He knows I can’t sleep without it, I’m over 50 and woman over 50 need special things to be able to sleep. A fan and 400 count sheets to name a couple. I’m not as bad as my friend…the other modern grandma…for her to sleep she has to have her feather matteress..waffle pad…numerous pillows..special pajamas and the list goes on.

As I pondered all of this a picture flashed to my mind. I jumped out of bed and started rummaging through boxes of photos until I found it.

There she was…my her seventies…camping, ON THE GROUND!

I got thinking about how we may go to the gym and run races but most of us are not as strong of women of days gone by. Check out this picture….there is my grandma, in a tent…with no air mattress by the a dress, jewelery, hose… with a girdle and slip of course. Check out the hair…no bed head there. No wonder my grandfather loved her so much…

Ok …tonight I will try to go without the fan..I can do this……Grandma, you are a tough act to live up to.

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