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The Patio

September 10, 2010

I was looking at this blog today…–Must-Have-Features-for-Fall-and-Winter-Outdoor-Spaces and I found myself lusting after a patio like these..

I have a lot of great elements on my patio to work with…a pool…wicker furniture… french doors leading into the house and yet it never seems to look like I think it should.

 One of the big problems I have is buy plants for the patio and forget to water them…dead plants don’t seem to make the same impact. I also tend to forget to clean it as often as I should. These pictures in the magazines never seem to have layers of dirt on the tables and cobwebs across the chairs…yes I am good at pointing out the obvious.

I have ordered a rug for the patio and I am hoping that will somehow make it all come together for me, if not, I’m thinking about hiring a patio maid. One that comes and cleans up the dead lizards, waters the plants, oh and of course keeps that fresh picture of lemonade on the table at all times..

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