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Martha’s craft room

September 15, 2010

I was looking at some pictures of Martha Stewart’s craft room….and now I know beyond any doubt …..she is a fraud!!!!

Who can have a room that looks like this and really make a craft out of it?

First of all …I own way more scissors than this but not one of them is ever where they are supposed to be…my husband chained a pair to the wall for me once and that worked for a while but now they too have disappeared…

Is that glitter I see in that drawer? Really? On top of carpet?…And look at that carpet….where is all the fabric lint and paper scraps?

You’ll love this one too. Are those paint brushes in that drawer? Where is all the paint from past products on the handle? Did you notice that all the paint in full? Come on…we all know that the black one is always almost all gone and turned upside down so you can get the last drop out of it

All these years I believed in Martha…I wanted to be just like her..but now I see she’s not real…so off I will go to my craft room…with unfinished projects all over the floor…and drawers that won’t close because of the many things that I have stuffed in them and smile at the knowledge that I may be messy but at least I’m real.

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