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Remember what past?

September 19, 2010

My father has passed away, my mother has Alzheimer’s and my sister is 14 years older than me. It is really my brother and I that can share memories of long ago. He is four years older than me, but we have always been very close. I can’t remember a time that my big brother wasn’t one of my closest friends.               The problem is, the other day I called him to have a childhood memory laugh and he didn’t remember it…how dare he I thought…I felt betrayed. It’s his job to share these memories with me….then it occured to me..if he doesn’t remember my childhood anymore…and no one else does either…then I guess I am now free to rewrite it how ever I want it to look like.

So where do I begin….spelling bee winner….hmmmm that one might be a bit to unbelievable….childhood beauty queen?…maybe I was an ice skating champion…that’s a great one since I live in Florida and  no one is going to be able to prove me wrong…

Hmmm….lets see…I went without lunch my whole third grade year and gave the money to a needy family……that would be a good one….I’m going to have to write these down so future generations can try to live up to me….

What history are you rewriting other than the year of your birth?


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