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Open or Closed

September 22, 2010

    There are two kinds of people in this world….not really but it’s a great lead in…

There are people who like open shelves in their kitchen and there are people who don’t. When we built our home 23 years ago, Mr Amazing made all our cabinets. It wasn’t because we wanted better craftsmanship or anything like that. We just could afford them any other way.

We moved into our home with no cabinet doors because it took us awhile to come up with the money for them and one thing I found I really liked about them… was easy for company to find things. Nothing was hidden making people feel like they weren’t suppose to be looking for things.

What I didn’t like about them? I am really a visual person and if all the glasses weren’t there in their rows it drove me crazy.

So my solution for my next house? I am going to build a large walk in pantry. In the pantry will be open shelves displaying all for the world to see…after they have opened the door of course.

Are you an open or closed kind of person…or maybe you are like me , open if people look hard enough.

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