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I did it right this time

October 25, 2010

Ever have one of those times in life when you just knew you did it right?

I was thinking today back to one of those times…

My parents got married in Oct. so I guess that is what made me think about it now so many years later….

Their 60th anniversary was coming and I knew I needed to do something but what…Alzhimers had started to slowly make it’s mark on both of them. I knew a big party like we had done for their 50th was no longer possible yet so many people loved them and wanted to mark this special time.

Then it came to me…I stole mom’s address book and wrote letters to everyone in there. I explained that mom and dad had been blessed through the years with their friendship and asked if they would consider sending mom and dad a card during the month of Oct. and write a memory in it.

I couldn’t believe the response that I got. My mom’s maid of honor wrote as did some of dad’s navy buddies. Cards flew in for a whole month. Each one bringing a huge smile .

The day of the anniversary my sister, brother and I had a quiet dinner with mom and dad but it was those cards that made them feel so special that year. The beauty of Alzheimer’s is every day mom could read those cards to dad and each time it was like they were reading it for the first time.

I don’t do it right often but when I do….it feels soooo good.

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