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My Perfect World

October 26, 2010

Back…a long long time ago….when I was a young adult there was a lesson to be learned that didn’t accure to me until just this moment.

I had bought myself a really cute outfit. I loved it. I knew I looked really good in this outfit so I took really good care of it. The top was made out of gauze fabric so I always hand washed it and hung it up to dry.

One day my mom did my laundry…yep you guessed it. She just threw my top in with everything else. I thought I was going to be sick. She hadn’t meant to ruin my life but she did…at least at that moment that is how I felt.

For some reason this story came to my mind today and I was wondering how much grief I would have saved myself over the years if I had just gotten the message back then.

See I have always been a control freak….I admit it..It’s my life story and I have always felt like it was up to me to write it.

I wanted a perfect marriage with perfect kids living in a perfect neighborhood.

Things seemed to be working out for me until one of my perfect neighbors told me they were moving. How could they? That wasn’t part of my perfect story….

I adjusted my perfect story and just tried to control my perfect longer the whole world..

Guess what…that perfect family had other ideas…kids moved away…wore funny clothes..and got some not so perfect ideas in their head….

My story wasn’t suppose to look like this….how dare they…

I guess it all goes back to that day when I looked at my outfit that was no longer perfect. If we are going to have people in our lives then our lives will no longer be perfect. God knew that back in the garden but He decided it was worth having us…..

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