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Christmas Cards

November 3, 2010

I was trying to pick out my Christmas cards the other day and I got wondering…….Why is this so hard for me? Millions of people buy them and yet here I am staring at them thinking….

Does this look Christmas enough?

Does this look Christian enough?

Does this look silly coming from Fl?

Is this to much to spend?

Why did they put these envelopes with these cards?

Wonder if this will take extra postage?

Did I buy these last year?

Should I get ones with a picture?

Who would be in the picture?

Haven’t seen a good picture of me in five years…would anyone notice if it was five years old?

Maybe I should do a Christmas letter instead.

What would I write?

Is painting the house Christmas letter worthy?

Hmmmm…back to the cards…

How many should I buy?

I have 150 friends on Facebook and 220 friends on twitter…real friends? Twenty might do it…

Do I send a card to people I will be seeing at Christmas?

At my age is a Christmas card really just an annoucement that I’m not dead yet???? Hmmm maybe I could start marketing that…. 

ohhhh….Halloween card……guy coming out of casket…NO I’m not dead yet…so you might want to call me….

Person hanging from tree…I’m still hanging in here …how about you?

Ok ok…I’ll get back to the Christmas card shopping even if my mental side trips are much more fun.

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  1. Sue Burgett permalink
    December 1, 2010 4:32 pm

    If you write a Christmas letter every year, the “card” will never be the same. I just read through the last years of cards. What a walk down memory lane.

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