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Merry Christmas to Me……

December 3, 2010
Create Something Amazing With Your Pictures
My kids will never have to wonder what to get me ever again……
I am not a techie person….in fact my family is probably laughing as they read this  just at the thought of how techie I am.
Oh, I have tried to enter this world …I have a phone that takes pictures…I have a digital camera and of course I have a computer or I wouldn’t be able to write this blog. My problem is I only learn how to do things part way and then my brain is full and I need to call in the support kids.
Every time I try to find a picture I feel like someone has hidden them in different drawers in the computer. I was always one of those very neat picture people…every picture I ever took was written on, explaining who and where this was a picture of.  Then I would lovingly put each one in a photo album with the dates displayed on the outside.
Along with this I kept baby books and scrapbooks of each of my kids. I always made sure I got doubles of each picture made so I could send one-off to someone and still have one for me. If the double wasn’t sent away it was then placed in a box with the child’s name on it just in case a sticky fingered kid wanted to look at pictures they wouldn’t mess up my photo albums.
On top of all of this I would take each of the negatives and place them in the safe deposit box so just in case my home burned down my children would not have to go without their baby pictures.
I had this picture thing down before the computer got involved. Now I have pictures everywhere….and yet really no where, in the sence of being able to find them if I wanted them.
So for every Christmas and birthday from now until the day I die I want my kids to make me a photo album of what happened in my year…I am thinking that at christmas I would get what happened that year and then on my birthday they can go to past years in my life and do them…
I no what you are thinking…there is know way that they will be able to get all those pictures of the year and get them into one book.
Easy…start with only good pictures of people..that will narrow it down a bit..and then just add what I might remember…now that really narrows it.. They can then put the rest of the pictures on the computer in a file that they will remember where it is..cause you can bet I won’t remember…and then get rid of all these pictures that I have been collecting that are now fading as fast as my memory….
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