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Is there a fireman in the house?

December 5, 2010

Being a mom has got to be one of the most interesting jobs on earth. I have always been a stay at home mom which to some would mean that I just sit at home.

I really don’t remember much sitting when my children were younger. What I remember is days running from one fire to another. Now I don’t mean real fires…I mean problem fires. Two sisters would be fighting as another would need help going the bathroom.

I have always thought of motherhood much like being a fireman. Things seem to be going along ok and then all of a sudden you are needed NOW. When that fire alram rings you don’t know if it is a huge fire or a small one but all the same you better hurry. Small fires can grow quickly.

Fires, I have learn often come  in pairs.

I remember once when my daughter was getting ready to go on stage for a solo my other daughter decided I was needed  right then and there in the bathroom . Both of these times where important to each of them, and I wanted to be able to be there for both of them..but how…being a fireman sometimes means making hard choices….

As the kids have gotten older the fires don’t happen as often as they did but when they do happen I need to be in shape.

 Will this fire require some spiritual counsel? I need to spend my off time preparing my spiritual life to be strong.

Will this fire be one of a physical nature? Mom, will you come help me move my furniture? My off time also means keeping my body physically strong.

Emotional strength is required for just about every kind of fire and requires the fireman to keep all areas of her life in balance.

I remember hearing about a mother once that was just going about her day. Her phone rings, oh it’s her daughter . Hey honey she says….having no idea that her world is about to change forever. Up till this point in the day her biggest concern was what she was going to have for dinner.

MOM….I’m having twins!!!!!

This might sound like an exciting thing to hear but this mom’s daughter was just a teen and mom had no idea she was even pregnant.

See the daughter had thought she might be pregnant but she wasn’t ready to tell anyone.  She headed to a pregnancy center where they did an ultra sound. The moment she saw those two little babies all she wanted to do was tell her mom.

Imagine the grocery store…which should I buy…black or green olives? Then comes the call.

This is the life of a fireman…her words have got to be right..for they will be forever remembered. She can not be weak..she has others she must help thru the fire.

My first grandchild is on it’s way and I am sure grandparenting will come with a whole new set of fires but I will polish my fireman gear and get ready for what comes my way.

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