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December 6, 2010

a jumbie named Mooscow

Have you heard about the new Jumbies that are out???

I am not one that seems to ever know about a trend until the trend is out dated but I did just come across Jumbies and I think they are pretty new. The are supposed to be the new Beanie Babies. I don’t know if that will be the case , but they are cute. I think pigbit is my favorite.

My home was once full of beanies…now they live in my attic.

My daughter played by the hours with them. Her little imagination would just work over time as she would bring a new beanie to her beanie world.

What I never really understood was why grandmothers would push and shove at the store to get the newest one out. I knew these ladies. They weren’t buying them for some child to snuggle and play with..they wanted it for themselves. …to put in a case and sit on their shelf.

Now I am much older and as I look at these jumbies I kind of see why women my age might be attracted to them…I have learned that life isn’t always as you thought it would be… but if you try real hard to open your heart…you can learn to love your life anyway…isn”t that what these animals are here to remind us?

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