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The hustle and bustle

December 21, 2010

I read a quote the other day that got me thinking….  a lot….

“Whenever Christmas begins to burden, it’s a sign I’ve taken on something of the world not of Christ.”

Spiritibee tweeted this and I want to thank her for the reminder. I have gotten better about this over the past few years but all of us probably have a long way to go before our Christmas looks anything like what God would want it to look like.

When my three older girls were little I often felt out of control for most of the holiday season. It was kind of like a snowball rolling down the hill. It all starts out being good…and then it becomes bigger and bigger…Pretty soon I would be spinning faster and faster with out the ability to pause.

Here is what my Christmas season often looked like….

Start by decorating the house…having a tree and a few decorations where not good enough for my family. Soon each child had a tree in their rooms as did the kitchen, bathroom and every other room in the house.

I wanted my children to understand the act of giving so they made their gifts to their teachers. But of course I didn’t want cheesy gifts so this became a huge stress as I yelled at them to do it better.

I would want my children to have matching dresses for Christmas so I would set up an assembly line of just me each year as I would make their dresses.

I would always try  to make someone a homemade gift each year. Maybe a quilt or needlepoint, the problem is I would always start these way to late. I actually gave my mother a gift one year but told her not to touch it because it wasn’t dry yet.

Then there was the shopping to be done for my husband and myself …we wouldn’t want to show up for Christmas Eve service wearing the same thing as last year would we?

Then one year…in the middle of everything…God said..

Where in my good book does it say that?

What Lord? What did you say?..

He said again….Where in my word did I say that….

I paused…Bible verses flashed before my eyes… sure it said Love your neighbor…but it didn’t say you had to bake them fresh-baked cookies at Christmas…

Train up a child…but it didn’t say anything about making them wear big bows that you made special for their Christmas program….

Soon that giant snowball stopped running wild down that hill . I started looking different at the holiday…it was no longer about getting my Christmas cards out before everyone else…it was about reminding people how thankful we are to have them in our lives and sharing with them how God had touched us this year.

Be still and know that I am God….that’s what Christmas is really all about.

It’s not about the hustle and bustle that we have turned it into. It is about taking time out of our year to make a Christ Season.

I wish you a very merry Christ Season this year…

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