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Time to clean out

December 23, 2010

My sister told me once ” If it doesn’t bring you pleasure to look at or you don’t use it, get rid of it”….

This statement was so life changing that  I had to share it. No, this doesn’t mean you need to toss your teenager out.

She gave me this advice  many years ago. I had gotten into country decorating and even though there is something about the comfy cozy look of country I had taken it to far. These words gave me the courage to get rid of all those country  pigs. I realized that there is nothing about looking at a pig that brings me joy to look at. Then why did I have them all over my house? Because some decorating magazine had them and I thought that meant I needed them too.

Since then I replay this statement plays in my head often as I ponder if I should get rid of something . I am on a clutter free phase in my life, so it has been very liberating words to remember.

I want my home to be beautiful to not just for me but others that visit. I also want it to be a  scrapbook of my life. Things should be there for a reason. You don’t put things in your scrapbook because someone else has them in their scrapbook…

You also don’t want your scrapbook to be full of every candy wrapper you ever ate. If you want others, and yourself, to enjoy the scrapbook of your life…your home…it needs to be peered down. Keep it simple…rotating items is the way I find I can do this best. I move things around a lot  focusing on different things  at different times.

 Just as you don’t keep your christmas items out all year you don’t need to keep all your treasures out at the same time.

Look around your house…are you weighted down with things…… you have things you don’t really like anymore but you don’t know what you would put in its place?

My daughter is a decorator and she told me once ” There is nothing to fear about having empty space…’ ….this has been another liberating statement….

Let me know what you get rid of today as you ponder these words of wisdom from the women in my life.

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  1. Lloyd permalink
    December 23, 2010 1:17 pm

    “do you have things you don’t really like anymore but you don’t know what you would put in its place?”
    Should your husband be worried? 🙂

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