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A Hallelujah Christmas

December 25, 2010

Once upon a time…a long time ago…..daughter number two had sleep problems.

“Number two’s” sleep problems had started when she was born and had only gotten worse with time. Now that she was older she would come into our room and would ask us all kind of questions in the middle of the night.

One Christmas was terrible. Every hour, in she would come asking….Is it morning yet? I would look at the clock and with increased anger yell “NO!”

Finally, I had it. I declared that we would not be getting up until 7am and for every minute before 7am that she woke me up, we would have to wait another half hour before we opened our gifts.

She laid down on the floor next to my bed…and my clock, and forced herself to go to sleep. Finally! Sleep felt so good. Slowly I drifted deeper and deeper into that good night sleep that I needed sooooo badly. Then out of the blue I hear it….I thought that I had died and had woken up in Heaven…I sat straight up to see my daughter standing next to my bed with the clock …that was now actually at 7am….saying HALLELUJAH !!!!!

My daughter had not went back to sleep…she had been laying there …listening to me sleep as she patiently watched that clock slowly moving…How could I have asked for a better Christmas gift?

I now have great memories of my Hallelujah Christmas.

I hope you are having a Hallellujah Christmas today….

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