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Should I exercise today?

December 29, 2010

The house is quite and thoughts of exercising are running thru my head…but I’m guessing that kind of running doesn’t matter to the scale. Am I the only one that is so active in my brain? I lay in bed and think…tomorrow I will take out walking , kind of like Forest Gump and when it gets dark I will call Mr. Amazing to come get me. I have visions of how proud I would be of me…then I get out of bed. …

It’s colder…or hotter..depending on the time of year..than I thought it would be today..and then all the excuses start…I think I could get an award for creativity for all the excuses I’ve come up with…In fact instead of exercising today I think I will make a list of all my excuses…form them into a calander…365 Reasons not to exercise Calander…By next year this will be the biggest Christmas gift out there…I will then have lots of money for personal trainers to get me in shape….

My List…

Should buy new shoes before I start a serious work out program…

Oh ..I haven’t consulted a doctor..need to make an appointment for that..

I should try to find a friend to go with me…what kind of friend would I be to get in shape without including my friend…

I need to down load some new songs on my ipod first…wonder how I would do that…

I should probably go buy some new kids would be so embarrassed if I went out in public in this…

It’s probably not safe to walk with these nails…I need to get a pedicure first

Wow…all this thinking has made me tired…I should probably take a nap before I go excercise…

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  1. Sue Burgett permalink
    December 29, 2010 6:13 pm

    I don’t mind walking as exercise, but I decided to use the Wii fit. I sure did lots of lunges. I was hurting by evening. My 30-day challenge lets me have today off. Good thing, I don’t think I could even do one lunge.

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