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Joining a gym?

January 4, 2011

If you have never been to a gym but you are thinking about going then you need to read this.

About five years ago Janet and I decided to join a gym. I’m not really sure where this idea first came from but we were desperate. Ten pregnances….and many fast food runs to kids ball games had not done pretty things to our bodies. We knew we were beyond what just cutting back could fix.

One thing I learned early on is…I like doing things that no one knows I’m doing…This surprised me because I tend to run at the mouth about things about everything. Secrets have never been my thing. This time was different…I didn’t want anyone to laugh at I kept it to myself..for over a month.

The scale didn’t move much but my clothes started to fit different. Soon my body felt different…stronger..mentally I felt stronger too…

Five years later…Janet and I still belong to the gym and even thought we don’t go as often as we did they still know us there so we must not be too bad.

Here is some advice for you new gymers….is that a word?

1.If you are the kind of person that can’t motivate yourself but you like to motivate others..find someone to go to the gym with…this really worked for me..I would push Janet to do things that I didn’t want to do…

2. When you walk into the gym stop looking at how cute and thin everyone looks…look around..there are fat and out of shape people there too…our eye just doesn’t tend to land there.

3.Take your measurements…as you build a stronger body you may not lose the weight you want right away…but your body is changing.

4.Buy yourself a couple of workout outfits…you will feel more like you belong and excercise will be easier… the way…if your boobs bounce when you are exercising then you need a better sports bra..I know some woman who wear two just to get the support…the goal is to look better but if you stretch your boobs out to the floor doing it then whats the point.

5.When you find yourself bored…probably around 6 weeks…hire a trainer or take a class…trainers can cost a lot of money but so does health care…I figure if  3 weeks of a trainer can kick-start me again then it is worth it…

6. Don’t forget your feet…if you are doing the gym with the same shoes that you do yard work in then you are not going to be working as hard as you should…a good supporting shoe reminds me of the old red ball jet comericals..I can run faster and jump higher..

7. If you decide to join the gym this month vow to be the last woman standing..Every Jan. the treadmills at the gym are full..slowly one by one they empty out…beat the feels good to renew your membership

Let me know how it goes.

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