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The morning Egg

January 11, 2011

Part of my healthy living that I am trying to do is eat breakfast. For those of you that know me well know that this has never been apart of my life.

Sense I can remember I have just had a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast. Much like many of you with your coffee…I don’t talk or even really make eye contact with people until after I have had that nice tall glass of Nestle Quick.

Well I can’t say that I have given up the choc. but I am trying to eat an egg in the morning. My mom eat an egg every morning when I was growing up so I think about her every time I cook it.

I realize now that mom should have taught me earlier how to fry an egg….when you fry an egg you are reminded of the elements that you need to get thru your day.

Patience…you have to wait for the pan to be hot enough or it just won’t work.

Focus…if you get side tracked the pan will get too hot and make a mess of the egg.

Prayer…I always say a quick prayer before I flip the egg..fearing that I may be moving to quickly

What a great way to start the day…oh and don’t forget the pepper… it reminds you to add a little spice in your day.

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