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My love Hate Relationship

January 12, 2011

I have a love hate relationship with running…I love the way people look if they are runners… but I hate running. Many times thru the years I have tried to run. My husband is a runner and I always thought it would be such a great thing to enjoy together. You’ve seen those couples…just trotting down the street side by side…talking and laughing.

He has always told me that when I  get to that point when I feel like I’m are going to die…just keep going…it will get better.

The truth is…I give up long before I feel like I’m going to die. In fact I usually give up long better I even start.

If I do go out and run I feel like my body is falling apart. It starts with the knees…they like to remind me of just how much weight I have gained since last time I tried this. Then my fat starts bouncing out of control. Pretty soon somethings are bouncing up while other parts are coming down to meet it.

Then my bladder likes to remind me that I gave birth three times….then I start to remember all the other things that I should be doing with my day instead of this foolishness…like organizing all my grown children’s preschool drawings…

I have tried taking my ipod with me to keep my mind busy but I can’t hear it thru all the loud panting that is going on. I keep thinking I should just get over this idea then I look out my window and see my neighbor. She is older than me and runs like a gazelle. It’s a think of beauty to watch…she even smiles when she runs. I hate her…not really…I just wish I had learned how to do this back in my twenties when I first saw her run past my house and smile and wave.

Can a 52-year-old …almost grandma..ever become a runner?

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