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One cheap Smile

January 14, 2011

Six dollar vase from Goodwill….13 dollar flowers from store…… the smile they give


I love bargain shopping…or junking as our family calls it. There is something about finding a vase for six dollars and knowing that you don’t have to love it forever…just today. Tomorrow if I don’t have a place for it I can put fresh flowers in it and give it to someone.

What is even better than that is when you find a sale at the thrift store. On Jan. 17th our Goodwill will be having a half off sale. I believe this one is on everything except furniture. If you hear about one of these sales in your area you need to be prepared.

 This is kind of like an athletic event for those of  us that don’t do sports.

 It is best to go the night before and scope things out because the day of the sale will be crazy. Try things on and then gather all the things you want in one place of the store. It is best to do this right before closing so your chance of someone else finding your stash is less.

Get up early and eat a good breakfast. You do not want to have to leave before you are ready because you are starving.

It is important to dress right on the day of the sale. I like to wear non bulky things….this makes it easy to try things on. You can slip things on right  over the top of them without having to wait in line for a dressing room. Sounds crazy but you will thank me later. Also remember to wear slip on shoes. you do not want to waste time tieing and untieing when there are bargains to be found.

Get to the store about five minutes before it is supposed to open. The main reason for this is because you want a shopping cart and most thrift stores to do have a lot of them.

Run directly to your stash. From there I always go to the big items. Remember , even though you were just here the night before the workers have been putting more things out. I then go to the jewelery. You can find some really nice bargains on sale day. I don’t  buy just to re sale on ebay but I do see a lot of people who do this.

My Goodwill workers don’t tend to mind if you shop off the racks they are bringing out but be careful. I have known some workers to get really upset if you try this. I find a cheerful spirit will get you a long ways…which is true most of the time.

If you are like me you will find things for everyone on these sale days. Bring a list of as many people’s sizes as you can. I also find my cell phone camera helps me a lot. I grab things and take a picture of it and send it to the person I think may want it. While I am waiting to hear back from them I keep it in my cart and then return it to the shelf if the say they don’t want it. Remember…most thrift shops do not let you return items.

Most thrift shops now take credit cards or checks but make sure you know the night before so you don’t get caught with a pile of stuff and no way to pay for it.

One of the most important things to remember on a sale day….You can go broke on good deals….

Set yourself a budget and stick to it.

It is also best to set yourself a time limit…they keep bringing more stuff out all day so it can be hard to leave sometimes.

Most of all remember ….it’s a game..enjoy it.

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