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Wood Floors

January 21, 2011


Image via Traditional Home.

I love wood floors. I knew when I built my house I wanted them even though in 1987 no one was putting wood floors in their houses in Florida. People told me that it couldn’t be done, they wouldn’t last…you name it, I heard it. I couldn’t even find wood floors to put in my house. But since Mr. Amazing’s number one job in life is to try to give me my hearts desire, he ordered some tongue and groove wood and proceeded to lay them in our new home.

People tried to talk me out of putting them in my kitchen but I’m glad I didn’t listen. I love my floors.

They are pine…which once again people said was a bad idea. Pine wood is a softer wood and after 23 years I do have a few dents here and there but nothing that doesn’t add to the charm.  Once when we moved the piano we got a pretty big dent in the floor, but I just got a damp rag, laid it on the dent and took my iron to it. Before long the dent came right out.

I love that my floors are real wood and if some kid scratches them, all I need to do is a little sanding and stain to fix it.

Many times we have moved the furniture out of our familyroom ..rolled up the rug …and set it up like a big banquet hall or even a dance floor.

This is one thing, beyond a doubt , that will be going into my new home. I think the color of the floors in the picture from Traditional Home are prefect. Something that can be very formal or casual. My home right now has carpet in the bedrooms but I am thinking of the new house being all wood.

What do you think about wood floors?

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