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Our Little Secret – Episode 2



To recap episode 1, Janet and Dianne joined a gym but kept it a secret from everyone for one month.
Janet and Dianne had entered another world that they had only heard about. Workout clothes had always been a large t shirt and some stretch shorts. A sports bra had not been part of their lives. If you have never been very over weight and tried to put on a sports bra, you do not know what true panic is. Half way through you feel like someone tied you into a straight jacket.
Once the bra was on and the t shirt was put back on we were one step closer to being a “gym rat”.  The problem now was that felt like a workout in itself talking ourselves to go to the gym and do more was a daily struggle.
Those early days were very hard. We swallowed our pride each and every day. Dianne had to help Janet off things because she was too big to do it herself. Dianne about killed herself getting on a treadmill that she didn’t notice was already running. But we hung in there day after day encouraging each other and laughing each step of the way.
It wasn’t until much later that we learned that the whole staff was taking bets on just how long we would last. The longest prediction was one month. We had not only outdid our own expectations but everyone else’s too.  Yay us!!!!!

Our Little Secret

Janet and I have been through thick and thin through the years, or should I say , we have been thick and thin.  Our weight loss journey started during our baby days. We did Richard Simmons to the Atkins diet together. Nothing seemed to work. Then one day a few years ago we decided to join a gym.

I don’t remember feeling so out of place since I was in junior high. Two fat woman walking into the land of spandex.

Janet’s blood pressure was sky high and I didn’t want my friend to die, so if I couldn’t do this for me I was going to do it for her. How would I ever make this work?

I figured it out….don’t tell anyone. If I was going to feel like I was in middle school, I was going to think like I was in middle school. Things are always so much more fun if you feel like you are doing  something you aren’t supposed to do.

So for one month we didn’t tell a soul. Cell phones were left in the car, children wondered why they couldn’t  get a hold of us at a seconds notice.  I found I had a smile on my face just knowing that I was doing something that no one would ever believe.

By the time a month went by, we had gotten hooked. We had made it to the gym five days a week, every week, so it was time to let the world know.  Everyone was so surprised, but happy for us.

This was the beginning of a new phase in our life….

Do you look like a Grandma?

Grandmothers look much different these days than they did when I was growing up. Grandmas all had nice soft boobs that they would hold you up against when you cried. They always had a handkerchief hiding in there just in case you needed it and they had an apron for every occasion. There was the baking one, the cleaning one, the one they wore that had big pockets when they hung out the laundry. Their idea of a workout was carring the iron skillet accross the kitchen.


Things are very different for todays grandmothers. Many of these woman are holding down jobs and even dating while trying to be the best grandmother they can be. For instance, here is Susan Lucci – she is a grandmother at 62, and doesn’t look anything like the grandmas I remember!


On this site, Janet and Dianne will share with you the victories and defeats that they face every day as they try to continue on their journey to fitness. Join us!

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