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One More Proof Read

January 23, 2011

Yesterday’s post cracked me up. Half way through the day, I really looked at what I had posted.

Yep…there was my house for all the world to see….pillow on the floor…shoes everywhere…dirty glass on the end table…computer on the ottoman…and on and on it goes.

I would never invite hundreds of people from all over the world to my home and have it looking like that and yet here I was posting it on the web.

I had gotten so focused on my wood floors I had forgotten to look around.

Have you ever posted something that you later wish you hadn’t? I read someones blog the other day and it was all about peeing her pants… I think she is going to regret posting that about the time someone at a dinner party brings up her blog.

There should be a computer program that says…warning…warning…you will regret this later…


Wood Floors

January 21, 2011


Image via Traditional Home.

I love wood floors. I knew when I built my house I wanted them even though in 1987 no one was putting wood floors in their houses in Florida. People told me that it couldn’t be done, they wouldn’t last…you name it, I heard it. I couldn’t even find wood floors to put in my house. But since Mr. Amazing’s number one job in life is to try to give me my hearts desire, he ordered some tongue and groove wood and proceeded to lay them in our new home.

People tried to talk me out of putting them in my kitchen but I’m glad I didn’t listen. I love my floors.

They are pine…which once again people said was a bad idea. Pine wood is a softer wood and after 23 years I do have a few dents here and there but nothing that doesn’t add to the charm.  Once when we moved the piano we got a pretty big dent in the floor, but I just got a damp rag, laid it on the dent and took my iron to it. Before long the dent came right out.

I love that my floors are real wood and if some kid scratches them, all I need to do is a little sanding and stain to fix it.

Many times we have moved the furniture out of our familyroom ..rolled up the rug …and set it up like a big banquet hall or even a dance floor.

This is one thing, beyond a doubt , that will be going into my new home. I think the color of the floors in the picture from Traditional Home are prefect. Something that can be very formal or casual. My home right now has carpet in the bedrooms but I am thinking of the new house being all wood.

What do you think about wood floors?

Project People

January 20, 2011

Mr Amazing and I have always been project people. Even when we were dating we recovered a leather chair for his dorm room, made a sail for his sailboat,and refinished furniture for my first apartment.

I’m not really sure where this love for re doing things came from because neither of our parents are what I would call project people. My mother had vision, and if she had been married to someone like I am she just might have got addicted to projects too.

And even though my father in law wasn’t really a project person either he did give his son the confidence that he could do anything he set his mind to. My father in law was a jack of all trades and taught both of his sons to be also.

Our wedding was filled with projects…Mr. Amazing even made the kneeling bench and all the candelabra flanking the aisle. I always remind him that he knew what he was getting into from the very beginning.

One thing that I think really developed us into the project people that we are, is our first house. We bought our first house at the age of 21 and it was not our dream home. More like a nightmare. Other than the price there wasn’t one thing that we liked about the house. I’m not sure what we were thinking

But for as bad as it was, what that first house taught us was worth a fortune. When you start with something as bad as it was, you aren’t afraid that you are going to mess it up. We learned about load bearing walls, oops , sub floors, and why you want one, and plugged septic tanks.

I also learned that living in a house while dry walling it is not something that I really ever want to do again.

Here are some before and after pictures…Now remember this was 1980 when we did this…so you young people out there stop laughing at our re dos…

The kitchen:

Wow! Check out Mr. Amazing’s hair!

And the bathroom:

By the way..I made this shower curtain out of a sheet….so if you are having trouble finding just the right shower curtain…go look in the sheet department.

Do you consider yourself a project person?

Looking back before I look forward

January 19, 2011

Twenty four years ago this house was just a dream of ours on a piece of paper. We were in our twenties with two young children and number three on her way. I started drawing and planning and drawing some more.

Now all these years later I find myself sharpening my pencil once again trying to design a home for us. I did a good job last time. We have had many happy moments in this home and there isn’t much I would do different if I had to do it all over again.

 One thing that I have regretted over the years is that I made a laundry room that you walk thru to get to the garage. With four kids that has often meant you have had to step on piles of clothes to get to the car. So even though we are now down to just one kid at home, I know my laundry room will be a separate room.

Space was where we decided last time we wanted to spend our money. That meant we moved into our home without a garage door opener, garbage disposal, or even kitchen cabinet doors. Those things came later but adding 2 feet to a room would have been much harder.

This time we don’t need the space as much as we want maintenance free.  I am trying to remember that as I draw. Comfy …cozy…cute….these are words that I try to remember as I  draw the plans for the new house.

If you are building a house and you have young children and you are on a tight budget here are some more things we did.

We didn’t pay for a clean up crew…Pregnant me…and our 4 and 6 year old daughters were it…not a great idea..

Aren’t they the cutest clean up crew….what were we thinking????

Cut to the bare bones…down grade carpet…kids will just ruin it anyway..up grade when they are older.

Have the house wired for fans and add them one at a time….

I realized early on that just as little things where adding up …I could take little things off to bring down the bill.

I was able to bring the  quote down by a third by seeing what we could do ourselves or by what we could go without. Look at it as a challenge…a game that you can win at and remember…thirty years is a long time to pay on a dining room light.

Out dated Baking

January 18, 2011

Linda Burgett

I have a cousin , by marriage, that has an amazing career as a cook. She not only writes a blog , she writes cookbooks and does TV and radio shows about her cooking. You can check out her blog at

Her post today was very interesting to me. She listed how long ingredients for baking should stay in your cabinet…ooops….I have to admit I was shocked by some of these dates….No wonder my bread didn’t rise this winter.

So fuss up girls…other than the chocolate chips…because of course who would leave them un eaten for 18 months….is your baking stuff out dated?

Best if used by:

Flour: Opened; 6 to 8 months.  Unopened; 12 months.
Sugar: Doesn’t spoil, but may change flavor with age.
Brown sugar: Unopened; 4 months.
Confectioner’s sugar: Unopened; 18 months.
Baking Soda: Opened; 6 months.  Unopened; 18 months.
Baking powder: Opened; 3 months.  Unopened; 6 months.
Solid Shortening: Opened; 3 months.  Unopened; 8 months.
Cocoa: Opened; 1 year.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips: Best if used before 18 to 24 months after the date of purchase.

still wide awake

January 17, 2011

I have been thinking about back when generations use to all live under one roof. I never really thought about it before but as I sit here at two in the morning still wide a wake all I can think of is….surely there has got to be a baby somewhere that needs to be rocked right now.

If my daughter and son-in-law had a baby right now and we all lived under the same roof I could do night duty for them because I can’t sleep anyway.

I am thinking that there are a lot of things that women of the past had figured out much more than we give them credit for. Bad hair day? Wear a hat….No time to do your nails? Wear gloves….Having a bloated day?….wear a girdle.

We’ve come a long way babe……or have we.


January 15, 2011

kid's play room angled wall   As long as your child hasn’t seen the movie Jaws you might be able to get away with a room like this. I think this is a very clever way to decorate those slanted walls  that people sometimes have. I’m not sure it would give the same effect on a flat wall. If you have decorated your slanted walls please send me a picture, I would love to see it.